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Entry/Passport requirements.

What are the visa and passport requirements? All visitors require a passport or Australian Document of Identity that is valid for a period longer than their period of intended stay on NI, on onward/return airline ticket and proof of suitable accommodation on the island. Australian citizens can obtain a document of Identity from Australia Post, free of charge. Passports not issued by Australia or New Zealand must be valid for a period of at least 1 month beyond the intended stay in NI. All visitors require an Australian visa except for persons travelling on a current Australian or New Zealand passport or a persons holding a passport endorsed with a Permanent Resident of NI visa label. The required Australian visa must be valid for a period of 30 days beyond the period of intended stay on NI. If arrival to NI is via Australia, that visa must be a multiple entry visa.

Geographical Location

Where exactly is Norfolk Island? Norfolk Island is 1610kms ENE of Sydney, 1456kms ESE of Brisbane, 1063kms NNW of Auckland and 772kms SE of Noumea. Norfolk Island is a volcanic outcrop 8km long and 5km wide. Two smaller uninhabited islands, Nepean and Phillip, lie to the south at a distance of 1km and 6km respectively. Norfolk Island is 3855ha.

Cumberland Resort & Spa location:

Latitude -29.038480, Longitude: 167.954607 Longitude and Latitude of Norfolk Island

Getting To Norfolk Island

How do I get to Norfolk Island? Frequent International jet services operate between Norfolk Island and Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland. For Australian services contact Cumberland Resort and Spa for a quote. Air New Zealand operates a weekly Sunday service from Auckland, as well as services from Sydney (Monday & Friday) and Brisbane (Tuesday and Saturday) to Norfolk Island.  Air NZ (Australia) (New Zealand)


Do they speak English? The language spoken on Norfolk Island is English, but you'll hear the Islanders speaking Norfolk, a unique language derived from the speech of the Bounty Mutineers and their Tahitian wives and companions who settled Pitcairn Island in 1790.

Here's a taste of the local language:
Norfolk English
Watawieh Yorlye? How are you?
Si Yorlye Morla See you tomorrow
Kushu Good
Hili Lazy


Booze? Generally cheaper than mainland prices. Spirits are 20-50% cheaper. The Government operated Liquor Bond Store supplies all liquor. A special concession for visitors entitles airline ticket holders to a once-only 30% discount off marked prices for a maximum of three litres of spirits. The Liquor Bond does not open on Sundays.


Do I need medical insurance? The Norfolk Island hospital provides a dental clinic, pharmacy and 24 hour emergency service. Private travel insurance is highly recommended, as Australian Medicare does not extend to Norfolk Island.

Money Matters

Do they use Australian dollars? Yes. Please note that the NZ$ is not accepted. The Commonwealth Bank and Westpac have branches at Burnt Pine. The Commonwealth Bank has an ATM. Travellers cheques and charge cards, and most credit cards are widely accepted.


Who lives on Norfolk Island? Norfolk has approximately 1,800 citizens with roughly equal numbers of Pitcairn descendants, Australians and New Zealanders.


What services are there? The Visitors Information Centre can provide a list of baby sitters and child care centres. Cumberland offers full laundry services and there is also a laundry service in town on Taylor's Road. The local gym and fitness centre offers special rates to visitors. Petrol service stations are open daily until 6pm, with one closing at 9pm.


Usual shopping hours are 9 am - 5 pm. Some shops are closed all day Sundays, and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Supermarkets opens 7 days: Foodland Supermarket closes at 6pm, Marks Bakery closes at 9pm and Paw Paws mini mart across the street from Cumberland closes at 9pm. The island markets are held every Sunday morning and offers local souvenirs, and seasonal fruit and vegetables. The Post Office and Philatelic Bureau opens Monday to Friday; NI has its own postage stamps and phone cards.

Time Difference

One and a half hours ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time, in summertime half an hour ahead of Sydney and one and a half hours behind New Zealand. Norfolk Island does not have daylight saving.


There is no public transport but a taxi service is available. A Pacific Rentals PTY LTD complimentary rental car (excl. insurance) is provided by Cumberland Resort and Spa. Mountain bikes can also be hired from Land and Sea for about $20 per day or $60 per week.

Travel Insurance

Australian Medicare does not extend to Norfolk Island. It is therefore highly recommended that ALL passengers travelling to Norfolk Island from both Australia and New Zealand obtain adequate travel insurance.


You can hold your wedding or renew your vows on Norfolk Island and enjoy your honeymoon all in one! Choose from stunning outdoor scenic locations or from one of the many Churches including the beautiful historic chapel. The usual wedding services such as florist, hair and make up, cars etc are available on the island. Getting married? Ask us about our Norfolk Island wedding and honeymoon packages. Email us by clicking on weddings for further information.

Norfolk Island White House


Can I arrive on Norfolk Island without pre-booked accommodation or a passport?

No, all visitors arriving on the Island must have pre-booked accommodation or be staying with friends or relatives to be able to enter Norfolk Island through immigration. A valid passport is required to enter Norfolk Island. Australian citizens may enter with an official Document of Identity instead of a passport, available through most Post Offices.

Mobile Phones

Will my mobile from NZ or Australia work on Norfolk Island?

Inwards International Mobile Phone Roaming is available for visitors to the Island  who have international roaming activated on their Post-Paid Mobiles Phones with the following mainland service providers:

  • Telstra Austrailia
  • Vodafone Australia
  • Telecom NZ Mobile

Please Note: International Roaming is not available for PrePaid Mobiles or Optus Mobiles Phones both Post-Paid/ Pre-Paid. Visitors would need to activate the international roaming facilities  with their service provider prior to coming to the Island.

You can also purchase a local sim card for $20 (includes $10 credit for calls). (this will not work if your mobile phone is 'locked' into a plan). You will then have a local Norfolk number to receive or make calls.


What churches are there? These include Church of England, Uniting, Community Church, Jehovah's Witness, Bahai, Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist.


What weather will I have? Climate is subtropical. Average rainfall 1328mm per year. Lovely summer days from 24 degrees but not exceeding 28.4 degrees, nights 19-21 degrees. Idyllic days mid-winter, with temperatures ranging from 12 at night to 19-21 degrees during the day.


What should I pack? Comfortable and casual day and night. It's wise to pack a sweater and light nylon jacket, strong shoes for walking and a torch for night outings. Remember a hat and sunscreen.


How do I stay in touch?  All cottages at Cumberland have IDD phones. Local calls approx. 20 cents. International calls approx. 80 cents per minute. There are  internet hotspots around the island, including Cumberland Resort. Radio Norfolk broadcasts daily FM89.9 and AM1566. There are 2 weekly local newspapers.


What can I bring or take out of Norfolk? Imports of fruit, vegetables, flowers and seeds are prohibited. Pork and poultry from New Zealand are also prohibited. As of 1 August 2008 the duty-free allowance for passengers over 18 years of age is 2.25 litres of alcohol and 250 grams of tobacco products. All flights to Norfolk Island are affected by the new global airport security rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels onto international flights. The changes affect everything you can take on board, the quantity and how it must be packaged. For further information visit 

Departure Fee

Is there a fee to depart? No, a9l departing travellers have a $30 Departure Fee included in the cost of the airline ticket.


What's the speed limit? The general speed limit is 50 km/h, reduced to 40 km/h in the shopping centre, and 30 km/h near the school. All livestock roaming the roads have the right of way. Driving is on the left hand side of the road and locals wave to all passing vehicles. This is called the "Norfolk wave" Visitors are encouraged to do the same.


240 volts AC, 50 cycles, three pin plug (similar to NZ and Australia). As electricity is made locally by diesel generators, a power surge protection device is advised for electronic equipment, particularly computers.

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